• State Senate Unanimously Declares October “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

    By a unanimous vote, the State Senate yesterday declared October 2014 as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania. Each year State Sen. LeAnna M. Washington (D- Montgomery/ Philadelphia) sponsors and introduces the Senate Resolution, marking it as a time for education, advocacy, and outreach for victims, survivors, and their families.

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  • Sen. Washington: Cigarette Tax Fight Highlights Need for Lasting Public Education Funding Solution

    By a vote of 39-11, the State Senate yesterday approved House Bill 1177, a measure to authorize a $2 per pack levy on cigarette purchases in the City of Philadelphia to fund its public schools. This vote came after a summer of negotiations and delays in passing the measure.

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  • Sen. Washington a “No” on State Budget, Cites Politics over Policy

    June 30, 2014– Citing a debate marred in political grandstanding and misguided campaign promises gone awry, Sen. Washington today voted against the PA’s Fiscal Year 2014-2015 spending plan. Washington took to the Senate floor to express her disgust before the final vote. She gave the following statement: "Once again, this governor has broken his promises to the people. He promised that he is working hard to help all Pennsylvanians prosper."

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  • Senator Washington Discusses Pennsylvania's Child Protective Legislative Package

    State Senator LeAnna Washington discusses Pennsylvania's landmark Child Protective Legislative Package and her fight to ensure its passage. For more information, click below.

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  • Sen. Washington Outlines Budget Priorities, Expectations

    HARRISBURG, June 3, 2014 – As the state legislature prepares to return to Harrisburg for a month of negotiations to complete the FY 2014-2015 budget, Senator LeAnna M. Washington today outlined her priorities for the proceedings.

    Washington said she expects an unusually long and complicated budget process made even more difficult by a billion-plus dollar revenue deficit. She expressed hope that such a severe shortfall would bring additional revenue options to the negotiation table.

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  • Sen. Washington Disgusted by Gov. Corbett’s Plan to Shift Medicaid Eligible to Private Insurance

    May 9, 2014 – Senator Washington issued the following statement following Governor Corbett’s issuance of a Request for Application to shift Medicaid-eligible Pennsylvanians to private insurance: “At a time when our commonwealth is facing serious budget constraints, I am disgusted by the Corbett Administration’s request for application to shift Medicaid-eligible Pennsylvanians to private insurance.

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  • Sen. Washington Urges Support for Film Tax Credit

    Citing a troubling trend of shrinking film production in PA, State Senator Washington urged Governor Corbett to expand the current film tax credit program.

    The film industry has been a vibrant part of PA’s business community for decades; however, Washington worries that other films will begin to shoot elsewhere because Pennsylvania’s tax credit program has little to offer big studios and independent efforts alike.

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  • Washington Proposes Legislation to Ease Harsh Welfare Work Search Requirements

    PHILADELPHIA, April 22, 2014 – In the wake of a disturbing report that more than 75% of welfare applicants are being turned away because they are unable to meet the strict work search requirements implemented by the Corbett Administration, State Sen. LeAnna M. Washington today announced that she will introduce legislation to remedy the problem.

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  • Transportation Improvement Projects Under Way

    Last year, the legislature passed a landmark transportation investment plan that will allow us to improve our roads, bridges, and transit systems over the next decade. As a proud co-sponsor of this bill, I understand that it is only through a solid transportation infrastructure that we can provide the kind of access that the average Pennsylvanian needs to get a job and help grow our economy.

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